Corporate Identity

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What is corporate identity?

Corporate Identity: the culmination of every perception your customers and potential customers have about your business.

This is your brand. This is your business in the eyes of your customers.

And you know well there are few things more important than this for the current and continued success of your business.

Slapping a decent looking logo on some envelopes and letterhead is not enough to build a successful corporate identity. The process is slow and influenced by every point of contact customers have with your business – both direct and indirect. It can be an email interaction, or the way your employees dress, or the music you choose to play in your store.

Certainly, then, every piece of printed correspondence can significantly influence customer perception of your company. We have long provided businesses with top quality brand identity materials.

These materials include but are not limited to business cards, envelopes, letterhead, pocket folders and brochures. These are a huge part of how you are represented to your customer, and since we were founded we’ve been working to give businesses great resources to improve their brand.