Project Planning & Prepress

The prepress process can be one of the most stressful parts of printing. It’s where most of a project’s questions arise. Fortunately, we’ve got answers.

Prepress is generally everything that happens in the project planning stage between the time that you give the go ahead on your project and the time that project goes to press. This is a critical time when we clarify all the details for printing, binding and shipping before the materials are ordered and the job goes to press.

The steps in the prepress process vary depending on your project, but can include file adjustments, layout, graphic design, imposition and proofs.

For the latter, we provide press-ready PDF proofs of every project we do, so you’ll be able to approve the final project before it is printed. If any problems arise at any of these stages, we’ll work with you to make sure everything is right before printing begins.

Whether you’ve been having documents printed for decades or are just getting ready to print your first project, we’ll be glad to work with you and give you any guidance and advice you need.