What is corporate identity?


What is corporate identity?

Today’s successful company exists on an extremely visible level on a wide variety of media, both online and off. And a very successful company controls all those levels very carefully, presenting a unified and strong corporate identity.

What is corporate identity?

Harvard Business Review” defines corporate identity like this;

It is what drives your entire organization to perform, what makes hiring top talent easier, and what gives you the framework by which to operate the company. Powerful identities are coherent — they connect three elements: the value proposition you offer your customers, the capabilities system that allows you to create that value, and the set of products and services that leverages those capabilities and delivers against your value proposition.

The article also cites a study of executives that said companies with strong corporate identities outperformed other companies by 25 percent.

And your branded print product makes up an important part of the big picture that becomes your corporate identity. A large part of the way you present yourself both to customers and potential employers is the business cards, letterhead, brochures and all other printed materials. As we pointed out on our corporate identity services page, just putting your logo on a piece of paper does not guarantee an impressive showing to your customers.

Instead, corporate identity is a long process involving how you treat your customers and present a unified, professional brand image. This is an ongoing process that take time to cultivate and continued care to be effective.

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