Refinery29 Distributes Print Magazines Via Uber



It seems we can’t cover print news recently without discovering a new digital company that has turned to print magazines as part of its marketing strategy. One of the latest is fashion and style website Refinery29, though the distribution method the company is using to get the magazines to its audience may be just as noteworthy than the magazines themselves.

The company placed 30,000 copies of its first printed magazine in the cars of rideshare company Uber, according to Advertising Age. The move may serve to distinguish Refinery29 from other brands during this year’s New York Fashion Week.

Know Your Audience and Go to Them

One of the first rules of marketing is to know your audience and how to get your message to that audience. Refinery29 clearly recognizes how important this is and is using the new print campaign to bring their brand directly into the hands of their target audience.

Not only does the company realize that a ton of fashion-conscious women will flood New York City during Fashion Week, they also recognize that many of them will use Uber to get around. They recognize that those using Uber may have more disposable income than those that take the subway, and – because they chose Uber – may know more about current trends than those that hail a taxi.

Using print magazines in conjunction with new technology, Refinery29 is able to put print magazines physically in front of some of its target audience.

Once Again, Old Meets New

In addition to the campaign being a unique branding opportunity, the partnership with Uber once again illustrates how new digital opportunities can work in conjunction with existing technology – not in competition with it.

Uber has built a widely successful company based on providing the familiar service of getting customers from one place to another in cars. But the company turned the existing taxi and rideshare industry on its head by allowing users to summon a car – and then pay for their ride -on their smartphone. Additionally, Uber often is cheaper than existing alternatives.

This model shows how using new digital technology can work to improve existing technology and services, not replace them altogether. Refinery29 is doing a similar thing by using print magazines to complement its website.

One Off Print Magazines

The magazine, called Refinery29 Editions, is 28 pages with no advertisements. A company spokeswoman told AdAge that the magazine will serve as a bridge between the online world and real-world events. However, there are no current plans to produce further editions.

Image Source: Flickr